CrowdHelps project has a team of experienced, passionate and highly motivated professionals.

  1. Silvia Podubni - COO and Founder

    Fascinated with the start-up world and with her technical background Silvia co-founded and helped to create, head of team, admin and QA manager at Silvia brings experience in product management, research, software and usability testing and business strategy development. Prior to that Silvia had the pleasure to volunteer in an adoption agency in Montreal, Canada. Silvia is full of enthusiasm and passion and does what she can to make a difference in the world.
  2. Anna Presman - Director of Finance

    Technological savvy and forward thinking, Anna brings to CrowdHelps experience in financial management, accounting activities and administrative functions. She provides insightful analysis, oversees the organization's financial and administrative operations, including planning and budgeting. Prior to joining CrowdHelps she worked as Executive Director at Van Dyke Consulting. Growing up in a crowded city like New York City, Anna is passionate about helping people, volunteering and always donates to animal shelters.